Justine Ostrander

Justine Ostrander grew up in Newton, KS and began piano lessons at the age of seven. Three years later, she also started taking Suzuki violin lessons at the Bethel College Academy of Performing Arts. During this time, she participated in the Wichita Youth Symphony and the Bethel College Orchestra. After moving to Wisconsin during high school, she participated in the Maranatha University Orchestra, competed in the Maranatha High School Piano competitions,  and competed in the Milwaukee “Stars of Tomorrow” Competition, in which she received honorable mention and played side-by-side with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra during the 2014 Honors Concert.

Justine studied Violin Pedagogy and Performance with a Proficiency in Piano from Maranatha Baptist University. While there, she was concertmaster of the university orchestra and won the university Commencement Competition in 2017 and 2019. Justine taught private lessons, group classes, and theory classes through the Maranatha Prep School from 2016-2019. In 2016 she took Suzuki violin training for Book 1 at Stevens Point under Ann Montzka-Smelser, and in 2017 she took training for Books 2 and 3 at Trinity International University under Kathleen Spring and Vera McCoy-Sulentic. Justine is also certified under the Music Teachers National Association.