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Sara Lumley


"My name is Mrs. Lumley and my piano teaching philosophy is "To teach students piano so that they, in turn, can teach themselves."  I give each student the tools they need to be independent and successful in their music studies.  Ultimately, my goal for my students is for them to pick up any music they want to play and be able to learn it on their own.  I also keep lessons fun for all ages by incorporating games into each session.  I would describe my music lessons as "creative" and "fun."  I would describe my teaching style as "adaptable," because I adapt to the unique learning styles of each student.  I also provide my students with a well-rounded musical education.  My students learn music theory (both aural and music), how to improvise, ear training, and sight-reading, among many other musical skills!   


I have been teaching piano since 2010, when I started out as an intern teacher at The Piano Loft in Cedarburg, WI.  From there, I started my own private studio at Wondersound Music in Menomonee Falls, WI.  In 2013, The Piano Loft brought me on board as a teacher, and I have been there ever since.  Today, I am working on expanding my studio to Beaver Dam at the Seippel Center for Music and Arts.  


I studied music at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee while earning my bachelor's degree in Communications.  While at UWM, I studied music theory, aural theory, piano pedagogy (piano "teaching"), and piano performance."

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